U of I Student Designs Starbucks Red Cup
A student at the University of Idaho is one of the only 13 designers of this year's Starbucks red cups. People were freaking out over the fact that the famous red cups may not make an appearance this year.
Drake Takes Over 103.5 Kissfm This Weekend
Drake is celebrating 7 weeks at #1 with "Views" and is about to be the #1 selling hip-hop album of all time.  "Drizzy" is dethroning everyone that held that top spot and we found a way to celebrate this 4th of July weekend with him. Wanna goto Vegas?
4th Of July Throwback Water War
Everything is fun and games until the 103.5 Kissfm staff gets water drenched by an army of 10 years olds! That's exactly what happened about four years ago and THAT is where it all began. Check out the photos. It wasn't a pretty sight.
Said Thank You To Our Military Lately?
Can you name this celebrity that actually got his start in radio on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln? Find out who and why the Navy has given him a different respect for our Armed Forces including ways you can support.
Leap Day at McDonalds
Ronald McDonald, Buster Bronco and Michelle Heart are all celebrating Leap Day with McDonalds. We might as well spend the day because everything is such a good price!
Plan Ahead for Holiday Travel
Holiday travel has begun. Whether you're traveling by air or taking a road trip, there are some things to plan ahead for this year that may slow you down quite a bit.
What Your Thanksgiving Plate Says About You
We have two weeks and two days until Thanksgiving. It's time to analyze ourselves and plan for feast ahead. Think about your plate and choose your option on the chart. We've got to know what kind of person we're putting out there, right?
National Junk Food Day!!!!!!!!
Today is national junk food day . It's another one of those oblivious fake holidays, but if there was any day to have a cheat day, today would be the day.

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