Want to be a Boise Firefighter?
It's a huge job and, a lot of times, thankless. However, we obsess over you and are in awe of your job. Convinced, yet? The Boise Fire Department is starting recruitment the first of the year.
Idaho Googles This Job the Most
On average, we, the people of Idaho, search for one particular thing. We need this service and, apparently, can't seem to remember where to go so we Google it. Drum roll, please...
What Do You Do the Day After a Powerball Win?
Let's imagine this is your life. You've won the (now) Powerball jackpot of $1.5 billion. That's $930 million cash payout in case you're wondering. In this scenario you still have a job. What do you do on Thursday morning?
Come Work for Us!
If you love music, sports, politics, entertainment and media and are eager to get started as a professional in the business, we want to talk with you.
KISS hooks you up with a job!
Today KISS hit the streets for an exciting opportunity in Meridian! Sykes provided 1000 jobs to people who attended the job fair today on 1442 Tech Ln. in Meridian. Those who stopped by were able to spin the legendary KISS wheel for a chance at music prizes as well as get the opportunity to find a n…

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