Live for 175

Live For 175 – Day 8
Fairytales and friends new and old came to support and spread the message of Live for 175. Some of us had no idea there was going to be a surprise. Eh hem... Kekeluv.
Live For 175 – Day 7
We're almost at the end of Year 10 of Live For 175. The Eagle Police got taken for a ride by CYCLEBAR, Cruise & Box and Kekeluv got to play cops, and so much more. Check out the photos below.
Live For 175 – Day 6
Michelle and Mateo had a dance-off, CYCLEBAR came back and kicked everyone's butt on the bike, and more. Check it all out below
These Famous Faces Took a Stand Against Child Abuse
Being part of a child abuse prevention campaign means that you don't even have to know a thing about it. In fact, if you know nothing about what it feels like to be affected by child abuse, you have a lot of power. This is who has taken a stand. This is your challenge.
How to Report Child Abuse and Keep Kids Safe
Tell someone. Speak up. That's what they say. It's easier said than done. When you're in that situation, it's not as simple. What if the person abusing finds out? Things could (and likely do) get worse. There is a way for anyone to report child abuse and keep the child safe.

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