Kekeluv Family-Moon at Hotel 43
I received several messages about how we celebrated our marriage and where the honeymoon took place. Here's our unique idea of a honeymoon that I thought you might get ideas for or at least enjoy.
Kekeluv Wedding Album #4
This is one small portion of the unbelievable photographs you are about to witness. Todd Meier has never done a wedding before and I'd say he's pretty good. This guy captured the most memorable moments and we'll definitely cherish them forever. Don't sleep on this click!
Kekeluv Wedding Album #3
Tawsha Box releases her photographs from our wedding a few weeks ago and I wanted to make sure to post up. Such awesome memories and Paige looks beautiful!
Wednesday Quote of the Day: Wedding Week
Today's quote comes from my wife. Whoa. That just sounded really AWESOME! I'm not use to saying wifey, but it's only been a few days. My WIFE sent me this quote and the photo is from our wedding over the week. I have only released a few photos considering this photographer is a family…

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