Boise Loses Young Sailor
When you see a picture of his beautiful face followed by his mom's facebook post that reads, "Worst fear became a reality. He is gone. Details later. It's too painful. I love you son. R.I.P."
Today is National Hire a Veteran Day
There are so many "themed" days that get lost on our daily calendars. Let me highlight today's "National Hire a Veteran Day" with some great resources to hire our previous members that served our country including access to hiring.
Military Freebies on Memorial Day
I tracked down some freebies and discounts for our military members on this Memorial Day. Please take advantage of what's just a token of appreciation on this day. Some go beyond today.
Said Thank You To Our Military Lately?
Can you name this celebrity that actually got his start in radio on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln? Find out who and why the Navy has given him a different respect for our Armed Forces including ways you can support.

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