Open Letter to My Mom on Mother’s Day
It just happened that I could have my mom in town for Mother's Day weekend. She came in from Spokane, WA where I grew up. Whenever I talk to my mom, I think of all the things I didn't realize she's done so I wanted to thank her for the experiences I've had growing up.
What’s Your Mompetition Moment?
Mompetition is basically the act of making you feel like your child isn't as amazing as your friend, your sister, your neighbor or your cousin's child. Let's not get all dramatic about it, let's just be real: we all wear the guilt sweater daily and hope we're doing the …
Mom: Here’s One Thing I Want You To Know
Gone are the days where you can make mom a cute card for Mother's Day...or are they? I'm going to do this. People are posting emotional videos to their mother's talking about the things they appreciate the most.