Dear Kekeluv, Why Am I Fat?
I got an email from a woman who is wondering why she can't shed the pounds. Jaimie wants to know why she's fat. Who decided what fat is? Here's my response to what so many people go through and tips to fix.
Why Does Life Hate Me?
Why does life hate you? I feel like there are people going through something where other people dictate THEIR feelings. You fall into this trap and you might ask that question. I found the answer for you.
BOX of Motivation – How to Get Yours
Getting up and motivated on a Monday could be the hardest thing to do in the history of life. I'll do everything I can to make it easier on you by giving you a little push. You just have to do one thing.
Quote of the Day
Sometimes you just need someone to say what you're feeling. That's what this quote does. Just do it!
Quote of the Day
This quote is SUPPOSE to make you smile. I take a mix of my son and wonder what he's writing to Santa.
Quote of the Day
They say that kids make you feel younger and maybe that's why I've always felt closer to children than adults. Today's quote is a reminder of WHY it's important not to lose that bond.
Quote of the Day
This quote comes just in time for Christmas. I hope you grab and share this one with the person who might think it's all about gifts.

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