Mutt Madness

We’re Looking for Idaho’s Top Dog
Mutt Madness is back with more bite and larger prizes this year! Join the bracket madness and help us search for the Treasure Valley's Top Dog. You don't have to know about college basketball to play in this bracket or be a judge. How does it work
The Top Dog in the Treasure Valley Is…
Here she is...Miss Mutt Madness Treasure Valley. Okay, so it's not perfectly set to the tune of Miss America but the sentiment is still the same. After thousands and thousands of votes, Kindle has nabbed the title of the Treasure Valley's top dog!
Mutt Madness – THE FINALS!
After nearly 20,000 votes total, it has now come to two mutts vying for the position of Top Dog in the Treasure Valley. Their fate lies in your hands. Who will you move to the top spot? Will it be Indy or Kindle?
Send Mutts to the Finals in Mutt Madness
A massive plot twist and almost 6,000 votes determined the Fido 4. Getting these mutts to the finals will involve even more participation. The dogs we thought were a "sure thing" have been voted out thanks to some dedicated pet parents and friends. Who will make it to the finals? Y…

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