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Britney Teases New Song in Steamy Perfume Ad
What should we focus on first? The fact that Britney has a new song? The fact that Britney has a body that could make anyone inspired to go back to the gym? Or should we take a look at her new fragrance? Nah. The first two were more appealing.
Ariana Grand Has Big Weekend
Ariana Grande is going to have a big weekend a head of her. She will be dropping her new single tomorrow called Dangerous Woman" and she will be the host and guest act on Saturday Night Live.
Zayn Releases Track List Over This Picture?
A year ago did you think you'd be calling yourself a Belieber and anticipating what Zayn (from OneDirection) had to offer? Yeah, me neither. Here we are today and I'm racing to show you the track list for Zayn's new album...over a questionable photo.
You Pick The Music!!!!
Tonight I had the opportunity to play two vastly different songs for the night crowd. I had some awesome feedback for both songs, but I need more.

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