Seahawk Onesie! Got Yours?
Superbowl fever is heating up if you're a Seattle Seahawks fan!  They call it a "RE-Pete" and fans are ready to go, "Beast-Mode!"  Do you have your Hawk gear yet?
Baby Got Class [VIDEO]
The family behind the #xmasjammies video is back!  This time they've made a salute to "the teachers who watch our kids all year and don't make enough."  Check out the Holderness family's hilarious back to school Sir Mix A Lot Parody!
Brian Williams Likes Big Butts!
Sir Mix-a-Lot will be performing at the Boise Music Festival on June 28th.  Brian Williams hasn't confirmed to appear, but check out this Jimmy Fallon exclusive remix of 'Baby Got Back' starring the NBC host.
Please Don’t Watch!
I'm pretty sure you can't handle this!  Wait!  Why do we do things when we're told not too??  I'm warning you about this video.  You will see a half naked dude doing a pretty....weird version of Miley's "Wrecking Ball."  You HAVE to…