pumpkin patch

Once it’s Picked, How Long Does a Pumpkin Last?
This is the sweet spot in a pumpkin's life. Thousands of pumpkins that have grown up in a patch are off the vine now, and the clock is ticking before the dreaded shrivel and rot happens. So how long do we have? And there is at least one thing we can do to get pumpkins to last longer.
The Farmstead Reveals Corn Maze Design
Old school gamers, you'll want to make plans to head through the corn maze this fall. Last year, this same fall destination was recognized and visited by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The Farmstead didn't disappoint this year!
Linder Farms is Hiring for Fall
Linder Farms is looking for about two hundred people to kick off the fall harvest season. Tuesday, August 8, you're invited to bring your application by to fill one of the many positions.