If I Could Spend One Night With My Ex, I Would…
Kekeluv comes in studio and is telling us about a TV show where a two people who used to be together spend one night hashing out unresolved issues. Why on earth would anyone ever do this? Oh this a good idea? You gave me your honest answers.
What A Guy Really Means: Texting
This should be like a manual for women that have fallen victim to the ever so popular technique, ghosting. We'll go over some texts you might get and tell you what they REALLY mean. This is your preventative manual.
Women Reveal What Dating is Like in Idaho
Some list will come out calling Boise the best place to find love and settle down. Then, a day later, we're now the toughest place to get a second date. Which is it? Women in the dating scene were interviewed and Idaho definitely has a reputation.

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