Are Sports Superstitions Ridiculous?
Every game day I wear Boise State leggings (and have since the first home game), a long-sleeved orange Boise State tee and tall socks. I have to wear them for every home game I go to. If I don't, I feel they'l lose. Am I crazy?
Internet Explodes With Tom Brady Phone Memes
Tom Brady can run, but he can't hide from Deflate Gate! Not only did the NFL uphold his suspension, they embarrassed him by revealing that he destroyed his cell phone to hide evidence of his involvement.  Needless to say the internet exploded with Brady memes this morning!
Lebron James Leaving Miami?
Lebron James shook up the NBA when he left Cleveland.  4 NBA final trips with Miami and 2 rings - "King James" opts OUT!  BREAKING SPORTS NEWS!
My Feminist Rant About New Pink Sports Bar
Call me one of the guys, but this idea actually offends me a bit.  I stumbled across an article on DNAinfo about a new sports bar opening in NYC.  At first glance there's nothing super unique about Campeon.  It serves Mexico City street cuisine that their chef grew up eating.  It has 36 flat-screen …