Ugly Sweater

Eureka! The Ugly Sweater Party With Glass.
Did you miss out on that Ugly Sweater Party already? Good News! We found another one that hosts the Iron Horse Brewery with exclusive Steal The Glass stocking stuffers this Wednesday night.
KISSclusive KISSmas Gift Winners
Kekeluv In The Morning, Michelle Heart and Huggie hosted the first ever in-studio, Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. There was a lot of winning going on. Check it out!
Huggie’s Vent About Ugly Sweaters [VIDEO]
Remember when you couldn't go to the local Walmart, or Target, or Gordmon's to purchase what everyone now-a-days considers an "Ugly Sweater"?? You would have to wait for Christmas Eve to unwrap the sweater that your Grandma, or Great Grandma, knitted for you. I had to vent about the "…