Anti-Bully Video Goes Viral
Demi Lovato and this generation sends a strong message in new music video, "I Really Don't Care".  Video shot at L.A. Pride that has peeps talking.
Robin Thicke’s Last Chance Video
Robin Thicke drops ANOTHER video for the troubled and separated couple.  Kids always win!  Does this video put him over the top on the forgiven list??  Watch, "Still Madly Crazy".
Inspire Her Mind Goes Viral
Forget the commercial! Is this true? Have we stripped our kids of creative inspiration to be, well,...Barbie dolls? Verizon video goes viral.
Boy Brings Drill Sgt To Tears
I went through boot camp and drill instructors were extremely intimidating.  What did this boy say that brought the crowd and the instructor to a tearful halt?
Brian Williams Likes Big Butts!
Sir Mix-a-Lot will be performing at the Boise Music Festival on June 28th.  Brian Williams hasn't confirmed to appear, but check out this Jimmy Fallon exclusive remix of 'Baby Got Back' starring the NBC host.

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