Chris Cruise had the idea that we would have a week of "Tawsha's Got Talent" and it's backfiring on him. I warned him I have limited talent that would be entertaining but he never lost hope. I can feel Chris losing all hope. 


This was the first day I felt like I had an actual talent. I know for sure I have two. That's it. As far as the rest of the week, I'm lost and will need to ask people what my talents are. I'm not kidding.




Today was the first massive fail. Like, so much so that Chris and I got in a fight about it. I was all crabby and mad because I knew I didn't have a talent and I felt like an ass being put on the spot and "forced" to come up with something. No pressure, no pearl, right? Or whatever that saying is.

Since my horrid keyboard skills failed...


I decided to do a bonus talent. Why didn't I think of this sooner? Also, why are all my talents so gross?



Tomorrow's talent will come out of nowhere but Friday's talent is one for the books. It's also gross...kind of.

Do you have a weird/special talent? Share in the comments, I'm dying to know what it is!