I love working in the State of Idaho because they look out for procrastinators like me! If you haven't mailed your state taxes yet, you're in luck. The Idaho State Commission’s curbside service is here to help!

You can save a stamp (how much do those cost now anyway?) and drop both your state return off at their office right across the street from 103.5 KISS FM at 800 Park Blvd, Plaza IV (the Washington Group Plaza.) The curbside event runs from 8–5 PM today. Reps from the State will be outside to accept your finished returns without a stamp. They will NOT be accepting IRS Federal returns this year.

If you're going the post office route, the distribution center on S. Cole will be open till 8 PM tonight and you can also have your taxes "mailed" on time by printing a label at any automated postal kiosk before midnight today.

And of course Tax Day always brings some freebies and discounts to make your Tax Day a little more bearable! Get the hook-up at these fine establishments:

  • McDonald's: Free Small McCafe
  • Sonic: 1/2 Price Cheeseburgers All Day
  • Beef O'Bradys: 15% Off Your Meal
  • Pizzahut:  They got a little too creative with their "P-2 Pizza Return" form, but hell if you take the time to actually jump through their hoops you could end up with free Pizza Hut gift cards as your "pizza return" if you're one of the two grand prize winners, 30 first place winners or 30 3rd place winners.  You can get that form HERE!