I love working in the State of Idaho.  They're really helping out people like me on Tax Day.  My taxes are done, sitting in a box, somewhere in my living room...in fact the envelopes are addressed, all I need to do is put postage on them.  How much does a stamp cost again?  With the Idaho State Commission's curbside service, that doesn't matter!

According to the State Tax Commission's website you can save a stamp and drop both your state and federal returns off at their office right across the street from 103.5 KISS FM at 800 Park Blvd, Plaza IV (the Washington Group Plaza.)  The curbside event runs from 8:30 - 4:30 PM today.  Reps from both the State and the IRS will be outside to accept your finished returns without a stamp.

The state will tax your return with or without payments, but if you have a payment to make with your federal taxes, you'll have to run over to their Taxpayer Assistance Center in the federal building at 550 West Fort.  If you haven't done anything yet and need your basic state and federal tax forms, including federal extension forms you can grab them at the curb as well.

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