This is the COOLEST thing I've ever seen when it comes to fan tattoos! Check out these tattoos that Taylor Swift created for two of her fans.

Sara and Alanna went to see Taylor in Toronto and were lucky enough to be two of the fans Taylor Swift's mom picked to meet the pop star at the show.  Alanna said she had a really rough year and 1989 helped her get through it.  In fact the album meant so much to her that she wanted to get the lyrics to "Clean" tattooed on her back, but the only way she would go through with it was if the lyrics were in Taylor's handwriting.

When she asked Taylor to write out her tattoo Taylor agreed!  Here's the final product!

She also wrote out the name of her song "Enchanted" for Sara to get a tattoo as well!

How cool! What artist would you want to design your tattoo and what lyrics would you want to use?