On the deluxe version of Taylor Swift's Red album there's an absolutely gut wrenching song called, "The Moment I Knew." It's about Taylor being stood up at a party by the guy she was dating.  When it comes to Taylor, you know that most of her songs are rooted in true stories and now we know which guy this was and how much of a d-bag he was that night.

I'm actually super-bummed to tell you that the guy in question was Jake Gyllenhaal.  According to Radar Online, missing her 21st birthday bash wasn't the only thing Jake did wrong.  Sources say that Taylor originally planned on saving her virginity for marriage, but was so smitten and in love with Jake that three months into their relationship she caved and went all the way with him.   After all, she was convinced that he was the one she was going to marry, so um, same difference, right?

Well, a few months later Tay celebrated her 21st with a huge party at her family's home in Nashville.  The day before the party the two of them talked.  He was flying in to town.  He was going to be there.  He wouldn't miss it for the world.  Day of the party?  No Jake.  No grand surprise that he was working.  No calls.  No texts.  Nothing.  Taylor ended up crying her eyes out all night in the bathroom. The same thing she talks about doing in, "The Moment I Knew."

I really thought Jake was a classier guy than that.  Your V-Card really is something precious to give up and there's nothing worse than giving it to a guy that completely wrongs you like that.  I really do feel bad for Taylor if Radar's story is the real reason behind this song.