My fear is completely irrational and I can't explain it but when I saw the man with the birds walking downtown Boise this weekend, I about jumped out of my skin. Thinking about it gives me hot stomach and I get the cold sweats. Have you seen this man?

How about this for a little "get to know me" moment:

I'm just outside Alefort when a man with two large birds comes and sits down. Have you seen him before? I know he's everywhere. He may be a nice man but I don't know anything about him because I didn't have much time before I blacked out. The first sight of the flying animals with swords on their faces (okay, beaks) and I about lost it. All I could see was a giant wingspan and bright colors. It could have been the stars just before I pass out or it was the birds.

My reaction was to duck behind people, under benches and hide completely under my coat. I was not having it. Any of it.

Meanwhile, the kids were all up in the birds faces and petting their feathers. I don't know how they survived it all.

As you can see, I have the most amazing friends who are so supportive they thought to take a picture. Yes, that was sarcasm.

So let me ask you: What is YOUR worst / irrational fear?