Oh yeah, I feelin' myself! Let's do the Diddy Dance and celebrate! Why? I finally moved into my very own cubicle.

What's so exciting about LuckyThaDj's cubicle? Ha, I'm glad you asked! This is no regular, dry, mundane, boring cubicle. This cubicle has spunk, this cubicle has swag, this cubicle has more technology than the Starship Enterprise streaming a bootleg copy of the new Star Wars movie remake. Take a look for yourself! Just a disclaimer, the pics are so cool you would naturally think I ripped them off of Ghetty Images, but you would be incorrect. The pics are taken by LuckyThaDj with his I-Phone 5s 

  Yes, that is a flat screen TV bought at Wal-Mart for the massively expensive price of $125. Worried about what to watch? This cubicle comes equipped with Apple TV.

Of course I need a picture of the most beautiful grandmother in the world! Miss you G-ma R.I.P.

What? Is that a soundbar ? Why yes it is! But won't your cuba-neighbors complain about how loud it is? I'm sure they will :)

With Apple TV I can stream music and videos from my I-Pad Mini onto the flat screen.

And for the radio geeks I can even stream Nex-Gen from the I-Pad to the flat screen.

And last but not least... my autographed Karmin poster and Ting Ting plaque.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to go beyond the regular, everyday, mundane cubicle lifestyle you may be accustomed to. With a little work you can turn any boring cubicle into a coooooolbicle. Copyright LuckyThaDj