Have you ever wanted to be someone who was just given tickets without having to call? What if you were sitting at work and looking up to find one of us (or both) handing you a prize you couldn't get through to win? What about information first before anyone else? This is all part of the Cruise & Box Bestie Book. There's a limited amount of space. 

Before we move any further, please excuse this insane looking book. Chris ordered one that was big and very official looking and we got this. Perhaps it was a mis-click online and we got what he truly wanted or something got mixed up. The book could change in the future but the people in the book will remain the same...unless they lose Bestie Book privileges.

The very first bestie added to the book is Marisa Loya. She's page 1 and #1. There's room for more people and we'll add a new person every day.

I mean, look at it. It's the opposite of a burn book from Mean Girls but it may have gone a little too far the other direction. Regardless, this thing is sacred.

Who gets in the Bestie Book: 

We will build the Bestie Book to include those who are actively part of the Cruise & Box show and/or the station. You must be someone who calls (or attempts to get through), who comes to events and hangs with us when we are out. Basically, you do what a best friend would do.

How to get in the Bestie Book:

Each day, we'll add one person to the Bestie Book. We could ask for a phone call, we could find you on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or you can be someone we were thinking of from an event we hosted months back. It's completely random but the one thing that is consistent is that you're in touch with us somehow. Even post a photo of yourself online and tag us. That gets our attention.

How many people will be in the Bestie Book?

103. At all times. We will work up to 103 people in the book. This doesn't mean that if the Bestie Book is full, nobody else can be part of it. What this means is that you can get in if there's an opening. Each person in the book needs to remain active and on good behavior. Like, we can't hear that #72 went out on Friday night and threw a beer on our night guy Mateo. If they did, they are out of the book. I don't see something like that happening but it's an example. Get where I'm going with that? If #46 doesn't check their email or we don't ever hear from them - for a month or so, we'll assume they don't want in the book and will give them a warning. If there's no response to the warning, we'll make their spot available.

What do I get for being in the Bestie Book? 

All sorts of things. The point of being a bestie is to have someone to be close to and share everything with. This is what we will do. We don't expect anything from you (much like Friends with Benefits) but we do want to be that person who randomly shows up at your work to surprise you and your co-workers. We want to be the friend who calls you up and gives you the last pair of tickets we aren't using for an amazing show coming to town. We want you to be the one who benefits from any perks we're offered. Isn't that what besties do?

Any questions? Just ask by emailing Tawsha@1035kissfmboise.com or Chris@1035kissfmboise.com and ask.

Will you be the next Bestie? We'll have another shot tomorrow morning!