I know summer is coming (likely next week) but I'm thinking the diet should wait. Oreo is coming out with two new flavors, Olive Garden is making something that looks like heaven on a plate and Twix has stepped up the chocolate game. 


Oreo makes eating cookies fun. They continue to come out with new flavors but this...this will either put us on a front porch of a southern town or take us back to our childhood. They will be out next week only at Target.


As if that's not enough, Olive Garden has created the spaghetti pie. It's made with noodles and cheese and comes in two flavors  - 1. Meatball Deep Dish and 2. Chicken Alfredo. Ladies and gentlemen, this is life.



In addition to these amazing new foods, Twix will be coming out with white chocolate bars (October) and Mars will celebrate the holiday season with hazelnut Snickers.