The Weather Channel predicts a record high of 100º for Wednesday, June 8th. If it heats up that much, there's no doubt you'll be tempted to jump into the river but should you?

According to our friend, Kate McGwire, a spokeswoman with Ada County, the Boise River flows are running double what's considered safe for floaters.  She tells KIVI-TV that the river is so high right now that the firemen who prepare the river for float season haven't even been able to assess the debris that needs to be removed from the banks of the river and underneath the water. At this time it is NOT safe for people or their pets to enjoy time on the river.

Last year's June 12th opening date tied the second earliest float season on record.  In 2014, the river opened June 18th.  So when can we expect to float the river this summer? The potential start of float season is still AT LEAST two weeks away, but could be as late as 4th of July weekend.

FYI: A lot of people are spreading the rumor that you will NOT be able to float this year because of the Broadway Bridge construction. ITD's contract with Knife River requires them to provide river access for floaters without having to get out of the water.  They will be able to close the river for construction from sundown to 10 AM each day once float season begins.