Despite a minor personal incident, the very first Summerfield Concert was one of the most perfect nights in Boise. 

The temps were hovering around 80 degrees and people were filing into Memorial Stadium in droves. We were all carrying chairs and blankets wearing sandals and shorts and all things summer related.

The Knitting Factory debuted their first of a series or Summerfield Concerts welcoming Leon Bridges. Shout out to Veronica and Mandi at The Knit for an incredible night.



I gathered all my best girlfriends and we went out to watch Leon Bridged, who took us to an era in music that came far before our time. People were dancing with their dates, with strangers and even by themselves. It was a night to be free.

Pie Hole, Ben and Jerry's, Rice Works, Calle 75 Street Tacos and ice cold drinks pretty much filled our night. I mean, even a brand new Sriracha exploding over the front of me couldn't ruin my night. P.S. It was an accident and I have no hard feelings - I just the smell like of one of the best hot sauces in the world.



The people were awesome, there were good vibes and I will definitely be back for another show.



The Summerfield Concert series lineup is HERE.