Debate coverage starts at 6 PM on CNN! Pour your drinks, pick your candidate and get ready to play the official republican debate drinking game. 

According to you should take a gulp or sip of beer, wine or liquor any time your candidate says these words:

Donald Trump — Mexican people, Victories (Keke and I changed this one because the original words were best and worst and those just weren't entertaining enough!)
Ben Carson — Washington, Politician
Jeb Bush — Middle Class, Economy
Ted Cruz — Obamacare, Constitution
Scott Walker — Kohl's, Union
Marco Rubio — Future, Iran
Carly Fiorina — Hillary, Congress
Mike Huckabee — Clinton, Faith
John Kasich — Budget, Ohio
Rand Paul — Liberty, Tax
Chris Christie — 9/11, Government

And everyone in the room takes a drink if ANY of the candidates say Obama, China or Reagan.