Say what you will about the Donald, but there's one unarguable advantage he has over Hillary Clinton:

He's the only presidential hopeful with Comedy Central Roast experience.

Comedians lambasted Trump when he was the subject of a roast in 2011. Jokes about his wives, kids, and even cancer were fair game. The presumptive republican presidential nominee made it clear, however, that one subject was completely off limits.

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik says:

Trump’s one rule was ‘don’t say I have less money then I say I do. His kids were fair game. His wife was fair game. And I remember one of my jokes was about his casino business failing, and I could feel that hurt coming off of him. He didn’t like that joke, and I told a joke about people being glad he has cancer.


The joke in question: “Donald, I’m not sure if you’re even aware of this, but the only difference between you and Michael Douglas from the movie, Wall Street, is that no one’s going to be sad when you get cancer."

You can decimate Trump about his family, his hair, and even deadly diseases, but don't you dare insinuate that he has less money than he says he does!