Memorial Day weekend. Where we remember those we lost, spend time with family and friends, and...try to avoid getting the plague!?

Yes. Ground squirrels (also known as whistle pigs) found dead just south of Boise have tested positive for the plague. Experts say that ground squirrels, rats, vols and mice can all be infected.

Yes, the plague can kill you. But there are steps you can take to try and avoid getting it in the first place:

- Don't feed any stray animals you come across, and don't handle any carcasses you see

- Keep your pets from hunting squirrels and other rodents

- If your pet appears sick or lethargic, take them to a vet immediately

- Talk to a doctor if you have an onset of fever, chills, headache or weakness

With a swift diagnosis and appropriate antibiotics, the fatality rate in humans and animals from the plague can be greatly reduced.