Sorry, Cisqo! Thongs are so 2000 and late.  According to a new survey, millennial women are trading their thongs in for granny panties!

The New York Times says that sales of thongs have decreased by 7% just in the last year alone.  What about the sale of briefs (granny panties) and boy shorts?  Their sales have shot up by 7%.  According to apparel analysts, it's now considered cool to be wearing a more full coverage underwear option. Ladies, which do you prefer?  Don't be shy!

I'm actually a little surprised because I'm yet to find more comfortable underwear than the Victoria's Secret "Lacie" thong! I don't think I'm quite ready trade in my panty drawer yet.  In fact here's five reasons why I WON'T be following the new granny panty trend.

  • 1

    No Panty Lines

    Let's be honest, seeing panty lines through a cute curve hugging dress just isn't cute.  A zillion years ago, that's exactly why I bought my first thong and I haven't looked back.

  • 2

    You Can Gain/Lose Weight Without Having To Buy New Underwear

    Like I said, The Lacie is the greatest panty on the market.  Not only is it super comfortable, it's one size fits all.  Mine fit before I lost 17 pounds.  Mine fit after I lost 17 pounds.

  • 3

    No Chafing

    I'm a long distance runner so I can tell that having your panties rubbing you the WRONG way when you workout is pretty much the worse thing ever.  Thongs tend to stay in place better and have way less fabric to rub you raw.

  • 4

    They're Cheaper

    Sure the boy shorts are super cute, but they're also more expensive since it takes more fabric to make them! I can't go wrong with a 5 for $25 sale on thongs!

  • 5


    I'll be honest, what I wear under my clothes makes me feel good about my body.  It doesn't matter that no one else knows what I'm wearing under my jeans, I know and that makes me walk a little taller!