I've only been in Boise less than a month, and I'm already having run-ins with the law.

The worst part? It was the smallest run-in in the history of run-ins.

Yesterday I was coming home from Albertson's with a car full of groceries driving down Vista. Directions are not my strong suit, so I had my GPS up on my phone to help me get home (even though the grocery store is only a few blocks from my house.)

The GPS must have had me distracted, because next thing I know there's flashing lights in my rear-view mirror. At this point, I have no idea why I'm being pulled over. I didn't run any red lights, I didn't hit any animals or pedestrians, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't speeding. Key words: Pretty sure.

The officer (who was super nice) informed that I was in fact speeding. Barely. I was ticketed for going 38mph in a 35mph zone. Yeap. A speeding ticket was issued unto me for literally going three miles over the speed limit.

While I do thank the friendly officer for keeping our streets safe, can't a guy just get a warning?