People are talking about us behind our backs and it has everything to do with what we do behind closed doors - whether we're at our house or someone else's house.


This dreary weather will not hold me back this weekend. It's a Friday and I can barely keep my eyes open but at the same time, I'm pumped about the weekend and want to do something - everything, actually! Sleep can wait.

Anyone who has the same attitude as I do is the exception, apparently.

More than one third of Americans aren't getting enough sleep. I absolutely feel like I fit in that category. In fact, I actually sat in the dark parking lot early this morning finishing my makeup. I am afraid to look at myself right now for fear of what the result was. Acting like this is the first and/or only time it's happened, would be a lie.

It has been reported that Idaho is the #5 most rested cities. Like, we get some of the most sleep out of the entire country? Who on earth did they poll? I'm thinking of all the colleges here (late night studying and long weekends), all of the hospitals and medical facilities (nobody sleeps). That's just the beginning of the no sleepers.

Do you get a lot of sleep?

Why am I so obsessed with this study?

Here's the order of states who get the most sleep:

  1. South Dakota
  2. Colorado
  3. Minnesota
  4. Nebraska
  5. Idaho