If I make the decision to eat a bagel, I'm going for the whole thing.  This trend is just dumb.

As millions of Americans resolve to "lose weight in the new year," new diet fads start popping up.  Heck, watching the end of "My Diet Is Better Than Yours" on ABC last night helped me meet five new diets I've never heard of before, but all of them sound better than this:

People are scooping out the doughy part of their bagels in order to save calories and carbs!  While I do enjoy the crunchy outside of a Parmesan bagel from Blue Sky, I don't think that part is enough to satisfy me for breakfast.  After doing the Nutrimost program through Idaho Fat Loss, I haven't eaten a great deal of anything bread until Christmas vacation.  I was home around some of my favorite bagels and just decided to go for it.  The whole bagel.  Because that's how bagels are supposed to be eaten!

So how many calories are you actually saving by engaging in this madness? Experts say about 100 calories per bagel, adding up to about 10 pounds of weight loss in a year.