It's no spoiler that there's a monster in Stranger Things. But what if the monster was actually a character that's been looking us in the face the entire time?

Before we dive in, SPOILER ALERT.

A fan theory goes deep into how Eleven could actually be the monster, and the monster could actually be eleven. As in, they're two of the same.

Eleven doesn't encounter the monster until she enters the upside down. When she faces the monster in the final episode, they reach their hands out in an identical manner. When Eleven dissipates into thin air, so does the monster.

Even the boys may be in on the secret. They label the monster the "Demogorgan," a two-headed beast in which one head represents deception, and the other destruction.

Is Eleven alive in season 2? Does that mean the monster is also alive? And how long are those Eggo waffles sitting in that box? We can only hope that Netflix gets behind another season of the instant classic series.

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