With the Broncos/Vandals rivalry well behind us, which college football team is the most hated college team in the state?  The answer might surprise you!

CBS Sports has unveiled Reddit's "most hated teams" map for 2016.  The map was drawn from the results of a survey the website asked it's users to fill out.

Given Boise State's history with Coach Pete, I half expected to see the Washington Huskies as the team Idaho hates the most but it wasn't.  The most hated team in our state is home to quarterback and Eagle High grad, Tanner Mangum.  Bronco fans are still REALLY bitter over the 35-24 loss to BYU on the road last year.

Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Do you really consider BYU our new rivals? Or is there another team you think BSU should dislike more?