Technology could be helping save our son's life. This little device can go places that our surgeons can't without surgery. This isn't your ordinary camera.We didn't get the chance to lead families at the FitOne 5K over the weekend, as Paige and myself were in the hospital with our son, Lennox at St. Jude's.

In hopes of narrowing down what might be causing our son's health complications, Lennox was put under, for this PillCam to "search" around inside his body. Entered orally, Lennox didn't take too well to the PillCam, and it took a slight struggle to get the cam where it needed to be. Fortunately, we should have results later on this week of the camera's findings.

The camera takes photos all the way in and out of his system. I believe it takes 8 pictures per second and those are like LEDs surrounding the camera. Forgive my lack expertise on this considering I have none, but this little guy could help solve our son's health concerns.

If you have any personal experience with PillCams (or similar devices) I'd love to hear your feedback on if they helped you find out more information about your own health.

Technology is beyond impressive, and we can't wait to see how it is able to help our family.