Even if the landscape of the music industry is changing it's also very much evolving, giving way to new, original voices who have something to say through their music and aren't afraid of what everyone else thinks of them. These three remarkable artists represent this and demonstrate conviction and determination through their beautifully crafted songs. Whether it's using digital technology to create bold and inventive tracks or simply using their captivating voice, these musicians are quickly on the horizon and definitely should be paid attention to.

  • St. Vincent

    I always say that the worst quality a filmmaker or a musician can have is the fear of failure and the inability to take risks with their creative work. St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark does the opposite of this. Her songs, strange yet oddly captivating, capture an engrossing atmosphere that makes her impeccable by comparison to her fellow singer songwriters. Throughout her brilliant crafted self-titled new record, she seems to have reached impeccable, soaring heights. Clark demonstrates with her latest album that she's not afraid of expectations or even risking too much. In terms of new artists working in the music industry today, Annie Clark, with her big white hair displayed on her new LP cover, is an unstoppable force of intelligent and meaningful songwriting. On the excellent track 'Rattlesnake' the grooves are catchy yet hard to describe and the vocals are memorable however strikingly original. To explain her style would be difficult which is just one of the reasons why she's such an interesting artist. The track 'Digital Witness' has a unique beat to it that's simply contagious and has a strong grip on the particular listener once it gets in their head. Clark released a few terrific albums before this year including 'Strange Mercy' which first officially made her a national treasure to indie music bloggers. She's also experimented with other artists and successfully collaborated with them including such masters as David Byrne and Bon Iver. Nothing seems to ever hold Clark back, inhabiting an ability to create something fresh and exhilarating in an age where songwriting is slowly decreasing in quality. I'm thrilled to see St. Vincent grow as an artist in the way that she has and I look forward to watching her evolve even further as a musician. Whatever is in the future for Annie Clark will definitely be exciting.

  • Grimes

    Nobody else is making more satisfying pop music today than Grimes who uses a combination of different genres to craft inventive, terrific songs. Her track 'Go' which was originally written for Rihanna is a groundbreaking, addictive song with a beat and hook that's impossible to let go of. I wish there were more artists like Grimes who are creating imaginative, unique songs that aren't ever artificially produced or lazily crafted. Grimes pieces her songs together in a way that feels new and altogether exhilarating. Her 2012 album 'Visions' was a masterpiece and with a forthcoming record out this fall, my anticipation for it is off the charts. Using mainstream pop elements and transforming them into brilliance, Grimes is one artist who everyone should take note of.

  • Sharon Van Etten

    There are not many singer-songwriters who are as gifted and talented as Sharon Van Etten, who fills her gorgeous songs with passion and raw emotion. The track 'Every Time the Sun Comes Up' has an aching, personal tone about it, every lyric pouring out seamlessly. 'Taking Chances' has volcanic energy and striking guitar chords while still retaining a sense of beauty and melody. Her 2012 record 'Tramp' put her on the map however it's her latest album 'Are We There' that's most impressive. Every track has a sweet, simple structure that reminds listeners what music is ultimately capable of.