The easiest way to buy gifts for friends is to buy your favorite thing and gift them to all your friends. That's what we did. It's a small Favorite Things party and it was so fun. There's still time for you. 

The rules for a Favorite Things party:

  • Bring your favorite food
  • Bring your favorite thing as a gift - one for each friend
  • Have fun


We all said our gift cost limit was "reasonable". If someone spent a lot of money, that was up to them - not required. We all spent anywhere from $5 - $15 on our gifts.



Favorite Things:

  • Coloring travel cup
  • Drink shaker
  • Neff beanie
  • No show socks (we call them Cinderella socks)
  • Succulent terrarium

We played games and laughed until we peed, we made up dances, we ate until we couldn't eat anymore and made memories that we'll be talking about for years. It's like being back in junior high - it's so fun!