I came across this one from a Facebook post just recently and wanted to share with all the moms. Please read and share with someone who deserves this quote.

I was looking up some information and a sick little friend of mine the other night. I came across this post on her mom's Facebook page that I wanted to share. I know moms and dads can relate, but this is a momma quote. This saying applies to everyone. I've also attached an emotion video that is difficult to watch but shows you the strength of a mom, my wife.

Hey Mama, I see you. Stressed out. Tired. Touched out. Stretched thin. Irritable. Snappy. Imperfect. Short tempered. Grumpy. Crying. It's okay. Everybody has been there. It sucks but you are good. YOU ARE A GOOD MOM. Say it. Believe it. I love you and so does your kid(s)!