Today's quote is about the innocence of our kids. This is a good quick little quote that you can post up somewhere to remind you.


This quote comes from Kurt Chambers and it's so true. I've always gravitated towards kids my entire life and never really knew why till a few years ago. Kids don't judge you because of your weight, color, who you love or how much many you have. Kids love everybody and if we could only learn from them, the world would be a much better place.

Sadly, it's us who ruin the innocent values they grow up with. We make the commercials, we run for office, we build things, we poison and we influence. I grew up not know what racism was and remember my first friend was black. We didn't know the difference.

Turn on your television and because of your political views, your own kids are witness to the backwards hate that I've seen at some of these rallies. The candidate doesn't have to say it, but they don't exactly condemn it. They do it all for votes and our kids watch.

Today I challenge you to spend time being a positive role model for your kids and let them be something fresh for you. Take them to free Movie Night in Meridian on Friday to Goosebumps on the outdoor screen. Take them to the Village at Meridian and watch the fountains. Give them the water hose and let them play. Life is so fun when we enjoy it with our kids.

Don't YOU deserve it too? They do!