I can't tell you where this quote came from considering I couldn't find an author. It caught my attention quickly and I had to share as part of my wedding special this week. That photo is of my son and I walking down to marry my wife, Paige. I'm not sure if it's the black and white that gets me or just the sheer essence of innocence. The quote rings true though.

That quote is also a tough lesson. I know so many women that get into relationships with hopes of changing that man. While I believe that any woman can turn a player into a prince, my heart leads me to understand it's also the exception to the rule. Before you plan on saying, "I do", don't settle for what you think is the best. There's NO biological clock or rule book for when you should fall in love.  Don't get caught up in the movie. Remember, it's just a movie. That ending doesn't exist in your lifetime because you're unique. This is your autobiography. Now pick up that pen and start writing!