Timbaland is back!!!  Wait,...did he ever leave?  Nada.  He's back and Tim only rolls DEEP when his name is on it!  You do enough favors for people and sooner or later...they owe you one.  So, how you get Jay-Z and Drake on your track??  They owe you one!  Don't get it twisted...they get PAID too!  You will typically see a power house like Timbaland on a Justin track and then on Tim's CD you'll notice JT on his.  For instance:  Holy Grail is on Jay-Z's cd featuring Justin Timberlake.  If you picked up JT's 20/20 Experience Part 2 - you notice TKO features Jay-Z.

This is what happens when you have powerful friends.  If you don't??  Well, you have to pay Timbaland $500k to produce it and good luck at that point!  You still have to be good...FEEL ME!

Peep the new Timbaland featuring Jay-Z, Drake and James Fauntleroy on the hook called, "Know Bout Me."