Spring is upon us and that means less clothing and more friendliness. I can feel love in the air. That means a bedroom playlist is in order.

Tinashe, one of my favorite artists, had a recent interview with GQ in which she gives out a helpful list of Do's and Dont's for a bedroom room playlist. Now with spring coming along and summer soon to follow, it's important to get a good summer mix going, whether its for your car, your phone, or your bedroom.

Tinashe is a rising star in the R & B world and has the musical chops to back up a solid playlist, and the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous solidifies that she can put together a solid bedroom playlist.

What do you think of her list? Is there anything you disagree with?

Check out the list here. http://www.gq.com/blogs/the-feed/2015/03/tinashes-music-for-boning-playlist.html