Boise friends...or should I say 'Boise friends-to-be'? Get on Tinder because it's not all about the hookups or meeting that one person you can turn date one into date two. It's now about finding friends around you and planning a night out. 

The cynic in me wonders why we can't send a group chat and plan a night with our girlfriends but I'm open to trying out Tinder's new feature. Maybe this means we meet new people.

If you're thinking you'll sit alone on a Friday night because the friends you normally hang with are all busy, this is a perfect way to still go out and have a good time with people around you.

Here's what to do:

  1. Log in to Tinder and make a group. Tinder will find the people near you who are also on Tinder. This means that if you want friends to join you, they need to be on Tinder.
  2. Set a status. Are you throwing a party? Are you going out? Let people know.
  3. Start swiping. Right to match and left for "left out"
  4. Match. This step is the one that is make or break. Let's hope your friends were on the app swiping around the same time as you. Maybe there needs to be a little lead time before you're planning a party (like, don't do it an hour ahead).
  5. Communicate. Start planning, give instructions and let people know what's happening.

The more I read about this the better it sounds. Although, I'm confused (until I try it) how people can plan something on short notice and match and communicate.

Maybe I'll start with "planning a get together at Amsterdam on Friday".