Can you tell immediately by looking at someone whether you're compatible with each other? Chris Cruise from Cruise & Box (new morning show on 103.5 Kissfm) explains how he knows instantly whether a girl will like him or not in reference to TINDER. Must watch before you go out next.

Mike Windle

One of my favorite topics is relationships and dating. That doesn't mean I'm any good at it. Let's get that disclaimer out front. That being said, I talk to so many people with completely different dating situations, date movies, documentaries, and of course - Cosmopolitan. I think in order to understand women, you have to study them. To be even smarter about it, you have to understand that you will STILL NEVER fully get it. So, let's begin!

One year ago, we decided to move myself back to afternoons and bring in a morning show. This would be a gamble since I'd been doing it for the past 5-6 years with Michelle Heart. I made this decision to spend more time with my son and bring in a host that could focus on making mornings better than ever. We couldn't hire the right person so I doubled up shifts and did live mornings as well as live afternoons. Fast forward to two weeks ago and our new show debuted. Chris Cruise and Tawsha Box are Cruise & Box. There will be many more introductions, but that should do for now.

Cruise just broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years and came to Boise to fulfill his dream. Tawsha just got divorced and is taking the next chapter in her life. This show will be very interesting as we roll in to summer, in large part because of conversations like the one you're about to see.

My psychoanalysis of Chris is NEVER look for a relationship when you are fresh out of one. You'll be doomed from the beginning because that previous one still burns. That situation changes based upon who broke up with who, but I'm leaning toward thinking that he didn't really want the clean break. I think he may still be feeling her or is just the kind of guy who can't be alone. Time will tell on that.

Tawsha Box is fresh out of a marriage and in to another relationship. My observation on that is the same - too soon. It may be great, but It might also be the one to get you over the previous one till you find the right one. Did you get that? In other words, we'll see. I'm not trying to offend either of them, I'm probably wrong anyway. So, here's what brings us to this discussion. Social dating.

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This isn't new. I signed up for years before I met my finance' and remember getting scolded in VIP at China Blue for not messaging a girl back. Social dating is a beotch! There is only ONE thing that is worse than that - extreme social dating/hanging out/Netflix&chill. I don't even understand how it's possible to engage in REAL conversation if you're spending more time talking through words and emoticons. I can only imagine what divorcees go through in 2016. Guys use to compete with other men in the bar. Today, if you're not getting it done, she might be swiping left and then you're dunzo. So much pressure to seal the deal asap!

ENTER: Chris Cruise. This guy says he has a sense and gift that tells him chances of compatibility in the first five seconds, based on a woman's physical appearance. Now that I've given you the intro to both of them, watch the video and YOU decide whether he's full of it or not.