Ever see a guy on Tinder who you think might not be the guy for you, but would totally be perfect for your BFF? Now you can help them swipe right on that hottie!

Tinder is rolling out a share button that will allow you to send a user's profile to your friend through a serious of apps like iMessage, LinkedIn and the most hillarious one? Slack...a work chat app you're supposed to use with your co-workers. (So, this might be a good way to start suggesting some real, genuine women in the Treasure Valley for Chris Cruise!)

If you find a profile you think your friend would be interested in, simply hit the share button and it will send a temporary link to your friend on the app that you chose.  When they click it, it will either open the Tinder app or ask them to download it if it isn't installed yet.  From there your friend can either swipe right or left on the profile.

Who knew being the wingman (girl, whatever) would go digital one day! Would you use this feature to help your friend find a date?