Pumpkin Pie! Stuffing! Rolls! Oh my!  With all those choices,  Thanksgiving can make the number on the scale creep up.  Here's some tips for avoiding packing on extra pounds this year from Hollywood Life.

Drink Water

I'm horrible about keeping up with the amount of water you're supposed to drink throughout the day but keeping hydrated helps boost your metabolism and curb food cravings.  Experts recommend 48-64 oz a day.

Don't Skip Your Exercise Routine

This one's easy for me because I've started to make the Turkey Day 5K in Downtown Boise a yearly tradition but if you're cooking dinner or traveling this can be difficult.  Even if you only have about 10 minutes before you shower to get some exercise in, make it happen.  Go for a quick jog around the block or try something you can do in your bedroom like the 8 Minute Tae Bo workout I love.  You'll burn some extra calories and bump that metabolism as you kick off Turkey Day.

Plan Ahead

Just like Black Friday, make a game plan of how to attack Thanksgiving.  Eating something unhealthy is going to be a given, but if you tell yourself ahead of time which 1 or 2 tasty foods you're going to allow yourself to have it'll be easier to stick to your guns.  Keep the portions of stuffing and pie small.  You can load up on the healthy foods like the turkey and roasted veggies!

Slow Down

I don't why we have the human nature to scarf down our food but slowing down to actually enjoy your food will also fill you up more without making you feel like you're doomed to a food coma.

Don't Skip Meals To Save Calories

I'm guilty of doing this not just on Thanksgiving but any day where I've indulged in cookies or fast food.  Still plan to eat small, healthy breakfasts packed with protein and fiber.  Greek yogurt, fruit or eggs are all great options.