Was anyone else rather disappointed by the commercials during last night's game?  I don't think there were any super iconic ones this year, but there were a handful of good ones.  IMO, these five were hands down the best!

5. Wonderful Pistachios

This is so much better than the tacky commercial Wonderful Pistachios has been running with Dennis Rodman and an actor playing the leader of North Korea...plus, Stephen Colbert is just the best.

4. Radio Shack

Radio Shack used a ton of iconic 80s characters like Alf, the California Raisins, Hulk Hogan and Chucky to show off that they've upgraded to the 21st century with the rest of the world.

3. T-Mobile

Tim Tebow may not have an NFL contract right now, but he's been keeping busy.  Tebow's just a likeable guy at the end of the day and his acting chops aren't too bad.  I really enjoyed his #nocontract commercials for T-Mobile.

2. Budweiser "A Hero's Welcome"

Budweiser has my top two commercials this year.  This one made me tear up a little! Check out how Budweiser made one soldier's homecoming unforgettable.  They also invited him to the game last night.

1.  Budweiser - "Puppy Love"

Clydesdales.  Golden Retriever Puppy.  Passenger's "Let Her Go."  The formula for the most adorable Super Bowl commercial EVER!