Nick Jonas has surprised everyone with his reinvention of his style and music. And you have to love we got him for Boise Music Festival!With the release of his new album, I will rank my top five favorite songs from his album. Before you start to read this, some of these videos have some NSFW lyrics. So heads up, You have been warned.

5. Jealous (ft. Tinashe): This song is awesome. It shows how much he has grown and how his maturity has developed. He understands people get jealous of him but it's a two way street. That he can have many things but he still gets jealous of people trying to pursue his girl. Also with the addition of Tinashe (a total babe) this song just bumps harder. Obviously one of my favorites from the album, but we still have four more to go.

4. Chains: Speaking of maturity this song is a panty dropper. This song is sexy and exudes confidence in his new found style. His voice is perfect for a late night R & B song such as this one. Again this is one of the more popular songs of his and for great reasons but there are some great tracks on this album.

3. Closer (Ft. Mike Posner): This song is completely underrated. This song has killer beat to make the smooth vocals. The lyrics are on point as well. He starts off the song " All I really know is that I felt OK, When I met you in April, You were looking like May..." For some reason I think that's a killer line. and the rest of the song doesn't disappoint. Having the addition of Mike Posner at the end was tight.

2. Numb (ft. Angel Haze): This song is awesome. It's essentially an anthem for people who have always loved someone who never loved you back. That "numb" feeling when you see them with someone else and you want to be with them so bad. Many people have gone through this and I love how the lyrics are on point, the beat supports the lyrics and Angel Haze rap is tight.

1. Push: This my favorite track on this album. I am a sucker for falsetto songs similar to The Weeknd or Frank Ocean and this song did it for me. I love the lyrics and how I wrote above about his maturity; this song really encapsulates his as an artist and how he has transformed his image and his music. By far my favorite track on the album.