I've only lived in Boise for just over a week , and I already have family and friends weighing in on my decision to relocate to the Treasure Valley.

While they all had something to say, from the looks of it I don't think any of them have ever even been here. Here's what they've been saying:


You Moved To Iowa?

No. No I did not. Boise is in Idaho. Clear across the country from Iowa. Get a map.

How Are The Potatoes?

Um, good? It's not a prerequisite that you eat some Idaho potatoes the moment you cross the state line. But I did have some hash browns the other morning and they were bomb.

Why Boise?

Man, I could go on and on. It's breathtakingly beautiful, the people are the nicest I've ever encountered, the cost of living is super affordable, there's a million things to do and see, and I can drink beer and play Super Nintendo at Space Bar.

So, Like, Have You Met Aaron Paul?

No. But his mom works here, and she is the sweetest woman you'll ever meet. And yes that's a true story.

You Moved To Indiana?

Again, get a map.

Are You A Boise State Fan Now?

It's hard not to be! Everywhere you turn there's blue and orange, and the Bronco Nation stretches far beyond Boise city limits. Also, blue really brings out my eyes.

What's The Best Thing About Boise So Far?

The traffic! If you've ever lived in a major city, you know how debilitating heavy traffic can be. It's amazing to me that I can be anywhere in twenty minutes or less. It's such a blessing.

You Moved To Massachusettes?

Oh my god. Are you even trying? That's Boston. Not even close. Get a map.